Eating Clean The Real Diet And Nutrition Secret

By Ben Kong

There is not a day that goes by where I am not asked something in relation to diet and nutrition. I always be as helpful as possible about the persons specific concerns but the reality is that 99.9% of people who ask me diet and nutrition questions just simply need to grasp the one big idea of eating clean and making it truly a part of their lifestyle by weaving it into the very fabric of not just what they do but who they are.

Whenever eating clean is explained to anyone wanting to make a difference to their body by someone who is on the path, the response is often a blank stare. Perhaps they cannot bring themselves to believe that eating clean can make such a profound difference, after all they have been force fed a diet of ads for miracle supplements and high tech gadgets. Either that or that they actually realize the truth and cant bring themselves to face it for whatever reason.

I have a wonderful and diverse client base and for me the most satisfying thing for me is whenever someone I work with gets it and makes a decision to eat clean as a way of life. Their results improve but most of all I get a kick out of how they say Gee, you know, its so simple, isnt it? I just nod and say Yep. Aside from the fact that they have a ton of energy and their workouts are as good as they have ever been, everyone is blown away with how easy life becomes. From the perspective of reshaping their body though, this one change is the foundation that will allow them to join the fitness elite.

We as a society are getting busier and busier but we are also being told that we are getting fatter and sicker. Diet and nutrition is in the news every day and is big business. Its really not all that complex though eat clean cut out processed junk eat fresh natural ideally organic meat, fish, vegetables and whole grains. All the little details will follow but if you are to have any hope at all, this simple diet and nutrition secret is what you really need to make your transformation a lifelong success.


This is the critical core principle that forms the foundation of your new approach to food as body fuel. It is a simple idea yet will have the greatest impact on your health, body and energy levels.

Simply stated, the Natural, Organic, Clean, And Unprocessed Food Principle means that your eating plan will only contain a combination of natural foods, ideally organic to be prepared freshly and taken with

you as you go about your day.

This is absolutely fundamental to achieving the look you want for your body. Fuelling your body with clean nutritious foods and greatly reducing your intake of artificial food additives, chemicals and sugar

will stimulate your metabolism and allow your body to detoxify. Your body will finally be able to get rid of the stubborn body fat it wants to hold on to and you will not be giving it reasons to create more. By

following this key principle you will realize an almost immediate shift in your well being which will begin your transformation into an Ultimate Fat Burning and Muscle building Machine.

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