Is A Retirement Community Right For Your Future ?

Is A Retirement Community Right For Your Future ?


Jennifer Carter

As retirement approaches, you re probably anxious to make the most of your finances and may be considering moving to a retirement community.

For most people, this is a major financial commitment.

One one forum a post from someone read many of those communities are like concentration camps . This article is aimed at discovering whether this is what people experiecnce and to find out more about what others had to say.

Are you attracted to the idea of joining a retirement community as it will finally free you of mowing the lawn, keeping up the garden, costly home repairs & decoration and all the other cares that come with taking care of a property.


A visit to the Google Group soc.retirement shows mixed, but mainly positive views on the concept of a retirement community.

Whilst many people just don t understand retirement communities, for other they offer the lifestyle they ve worked towards whilst allowing you to plan your finances.

They also offer the ease of access to facilities such as shopping, bank, leisure facilities and clubs for hobbies. For those facing the loneliness of living on their own, it can give you the opportunity to meet others in a relaxed and informal setting.

It s surprising how many people can deny that they may ever need assistance taking care of themselves!

If you have health concerns which may mean that one day you re unable to manage by yourself safely or comfortably, taking this initial step can help to allay fears and worries about the cost of health care, so taking out an all inclusive contract where your care is already paid for can be an attractive option.

For many, the main concern is the restrictions placed on you. This can include the number of nights visitors can stay, where they are permitted to park or even how you decorate your patio.

Clearly this is a personal decision, and those wishing to live exactly as they please may well find that a retirement community life is not for them.

However, the overwhelming benefit is the fact that there s no longer the concern of looking after your own home and the costs of maintaining your property are now shared.

Whatever your decision, making sure that you do your research, visit several communities and look carefully at the financial implications will help you to come to the right decision for you.

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