<div class="article-title">Suspects deny London bomb plot, say lawyers</div>

Sunday, June 4, 2006

The two brothers who were arrested on Friday regarding intelligence of a chemical bomb plot in East London have denied all the accusations, according to their lawyers.

In relation to the accusations of manufacturing a chemical device, Kate Roxburgh, Mohammed Abdul Kahar’s lawyer, said “(Kahar) says there’s absolutely not a word of truth in any of it. He says the police are not going to find anything because there is nothing to find.”

Koyair’s lawyer has denied his client has been involved in a terrorist plot.

The announcement comes after the dramatic events of Friday morning, where over 250 police officers were involved in a raid on a house in the Forest Gate area of the city. The raid took place after British security services received intelligence of a “viable” chemical device within the property.

Mohammed Abdul Kahar, aged 23, and his 20 year-old brother Abul Koyair were arrested in a dawn raid on Friday under the Terrorism Act after several weeks of surveillance by MI5. During the operation, Kahar was shot in the shoulder.

Early reports suggested that police were responsible for the injury, from which Kahar is now recovering. However, one source claims that it was actually Abul Koyair who pulled the trigger, accidentally wounding his brother in the panic – an allegation that Koyair has denied.

The brothers, who are both Muslim and of Bangladeshi origin, are being questioned today at London’s high-security Paddington Green Police Station. Meanwhile, police officers are still searching the house for a device, which they believe to be a conventional explosive with added chemical components.

Due to the ongoing investigations, there is still a large police presence at the residence, as well as a layer of sheeting surrounding the building. Despite the small yet ever-present chance of a chemical incident, other residents of the street have not been evacuated.

In response to safety fears, police said that “nothing suspicious was found in an initial search of the house and that neighbours are not in danger.”

BBC News reported that Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt was “keeping ministers informed” about the unfolding situation but would not comment about specific points of the investigation.

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