The Advantages Of Visiting An Irvine Cosmetic Dentist

The Advantages of Visiting an Irvine Cosmetic Dentist


Peter M. Jones

In Irvine, CA you will see the smiling faces of people who know that an Irvine dentist can provide some of the best dental care. Dental patients in Irvine are looking for an Irvine dentist that can offer them a wide range of options and alternatives when it comes to dental care. Such a dentist can be found in Dr. Scott Rice, an Irvine cosmetic dentist, who is known for his friendliness and professionalism in the dental community. Dr. Rice has a staff that is always understanding of each individual dental situation, and with his guidance they can and will deliver customer satisfaction.


It would definitely be to your advantage to visit Dr. Rice. He uses his experience and extensive training to teach other doctors in his practice to handle the challenges of a wide range of dental situations. As an Irvine cosmetic dentist, he strives to give patients the smile of their dreams and restore self-confidence. Dental implants Irvine provided by Dr. Rice, are known to be natural-looking and unsuspecting. To determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants Irvine, an examination of your mouth will show the adequacy of your jawbone structure. A Board Certified Periodontist is on staff to insert titanium posts into your jawbone for each of your missing teeth and other dental work requiring this procedure. Patients are again proud to smile due to the creative abilities of this Irvine dentist. During the healing process, a specialist will come to you to ensure that your jawbone is fusing properly with the posts. This will create the firm foundation needed to attach your dental implants Irvine. Your next visit with Dr. Rice will involve mounting your permanent crowns on each post, attaching your dental implants Irvine to make your mouth fully functional and healthy again. Besides, dental implants Irvine, Dr. Rice makes use of a more innovative way to straighten your teeth, avoiding conventional metal braces. This Irvine cosmetic dentist utilizes a variety of clear, custom-made aligners that are painless, as well as attractive. Patients are again proud to smile due to the creative abilities of this Irvine dentist. As an Irvine dentist, Dr. Rice recognizes that patients are interested in teeth-whitening now more than ever. There are many options for whitening your teeth available at his office, as well as at-home whitening for the budget-conscious. You can take advantage of the dynamic combination of advanced technologies offered by this Irvine cosmetic dentist and reclaim your beautiful smile.

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