Bbq Pork Ribs Recipe}

Submitted by: Alexis Hodnicki

This BBQ Pork Rib recipe will satisfy your friends and family when you serve it up for your summer time BBQs.

Ingredients: 4 lbs. of thick and meaty pork belly ribs, BBQ sauce (smoked variety), Red wine, Ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, Honey, Rosemary fresh leaves, Oregano flakes, Salt & pepper to taste, Corn starch or flou

No specific ingredient quantities are required for this recipe. You will adjust them to your taste. (The more, the better!) Four pounds of meat feeds four hungry people, unless you’re inviting me, then you’ll need to double that!

Preparing the Ribs

Start by marinating the ribs, putting them rather packed into a plastic bag or non-metal container. Sprinkle them with a lot of fresh Rosemary leaves (dried rosemary leaves can be employed however the taste isn’t going to be the same), Oregano flakes and pepper (no salt at this time), then liberally coat them with the honey, BBQ sauce, ketchup and Worcestershire sauce.


Turn the ribs and replicate the same procedure, then add the red wine, being careful not to wash out the coating of the ribs (you must pour the wine into the corners of the container).

The wine has to cover the ribs and once this is accomplished place the container in the refrigerator overnight so that the ribs could marinate. Continue flipping the ribs in order that both sides are coated.

Prepare the charcoal. You will need lots of it given that pork takes more time than beef, and also the ribs needs to be grilled on the upper rack of the grill whenever possible.

Cooking Method

Sprinkle salt over the meat after it is seared. You will have to accomplish this one side at a time. When this is complete transfer the ribs to the top side of the grill so that it could keep on cooking.

You will need to flip them a number of times in an effort to cook the ribs without burning. Assess how well they’re done by slicing one of the ribs in the thickest part and checking the colour. If you like the meat succulent then they will be ready when the interior flesh carries a very light pink colour without blood at all, but this is your decision, for a very well done rib, but drier, the meat must be almost entirely white inside.

Pour honey over the ribs and allow it to dissolve about five minutes prior to completion for an excellent honey BBQ flavor.


Make the sauce while the ribs are cooking by pouring the marinade into a skillet and use 2-3 teaspoons of cornstarch or flour to thicken up the sauce. Bring to a boil and simmer for a few minutes. Put in a pinch of salt if you would like and if the sauce isn’t thick enough you can add more cornstarch. You can dissolve the cornstarch in water or wine before pouring into the sauce in order to avoid lumps.

Important: If you do not want your sauce to taste like cornstarch you should allow it to cook for about ten minutes in the sauce.

Finally, serve the ribs with the sauce in a separate bowl, add some good company with a glass or two of wine and enjoy this BBQ pork ribs recipe on a cozy soothing summer’s evening!

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