Fighting Cancer The Holistic Way}

Fighting cancer the holistic way


Dr Laurence Magne

Cancer starts with the mutation of the genetic materials in the chromosome of the affected cell. It becomes a grossly abnormal cell that continues to multiply incessantly, devoid of the normal control mechanisms, to billions of cells which form tumours and invade other tissues, causing much pain, and suffering.

The key is to reverse this genetic damage. And the key to preventing cancer is to prevent the damage.

It is obvious that this strategy must involve removing the predisposing factors, and to empower healing systems of the body to do their work efficiently. Cancer results from the failure of the prevention, and repair systems of the body that are meant to stop cancer cells from developing, or from surviving, multiplying, and spreading.

The contributing factors can be hormonal (breast, ovarian, uterine and prostate cancers), infection (hepatitis virus for liver cancer and HPV for cervical cancer), free radical and chemical damage, radiation (including sun exposure), nutritional deficiency, and others.

To protect your genes, first, you must prevent sun damage. Cancer patients should realise that skin free radicals add to the total free radical load and require plenty of antioxidants to neutralise, depriving that available for the rest of the body.


Next, you have to avoid getting toxins into your body, especially through smoking, and unfortunately, some foods that we eat (fruits and veggies that are contaminated with pesticides, and fish and meats contaminated with chemicals and heavy metals). You also have to get rid of as much of the toxins that are already in you.

Our cells have to repair their chromosomes, which are continually damaged by free-radicals and chemicals. At the same time, we have to make millions of new cells daily to replace the dying cells. So the requirement for nucleic acid cannot be ignored. It is also an important item in my anti-ageing prescription. I use plant-derived nucleic acids as a supplement.

Free radicals are the major culprit causing genetic damage, and antioxidants are their antidote. Fruits, veggies and green foods are excellent sources of cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Some hormones influence the onset and progress of certain cancers. Breast, ovarian (most types), uterine, testicular and prostate cancers are influenced by hormones, and so hormones and hormone-analogues or their receptor-blockers are used in many cases.

We have not fully understood the roles hormones play in other cancers, and when we do, we will discover that they are much more important than we previously thought. For example, the female sex hormone progesterone has long been underestimated as a valuable tool to balance the harmful effects of oestrogen. It is not only about having the hormones in their optimum levels, but also balancing them as some work synergistically, some against, and others complementary, to one another.

Treating cancer patients will not be complete if the hormones that regulate metabolism and other important functions are not looked into, as only the well-functioning body can heal itself properly.

There are of course certain cancerous and non-cancerous tumours which involve the glandular cells and produce excessive hormones, or conversely, cause severe reduction in hormone levels.

An effective anti-cancer diet incorporated plenty of fruits and veggies (preferably fresh, raw, and organic) providing an abundance of protective nutrients and fibre.

You can eat tons of veggies without ever worrying of growing fat, because they are loaded with nutrients but have minimal calories. The only exceptions are the starchy ones, which are not actually vegetables anyway. If you take spinach, you will lose weight while you gain nutrients (more calories are required to chew, digest and absorb spinach than the calories it contains).

Fruits are excellent sources of cancer fighting nutrients too, even though they contain more calories. Go for variety as each fruit has nutrients that others dont have. An alternative way to ingest the goodness of fruits and veggies is by juicing. However, it takes a lot of commitment to continue doing this. If you do, you will find much pleasure in drinking various delicious concoctions, limited only by your creativity. With high-power juicing, it is also possible to juice the whole fruit and get 100% of the nutrients.

The anti-cancer diet should also include plenty of other raw, unprocessed foods (greens, grains, legumes, nuts, etc ) with lots of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes, fibre and probiotics (healthy bacteria). Eat more foods with known anti-cancer nutrients, for example, carrots for beta-carotene; tomatoes and watermelons; mushrooms; and others. Include essential fats (fish and plant oils) and essential amino acids (sufficient if you take a wellbalanced diet) as well.

Reduce red meat, and burnt meat (BBQ or overfried), excess sugars and excess salt should be avoided. This diet is not only anti-cancer, it will also protect you against most of the chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke and diabetes, and will slow down your ageing.

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Fighting cancer the holistic way}