Olevia 47 1080p Hd Lcd Tv 747i B11 Review

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The reviews are in on this amazing LCD HDTV. There are mixed views on this TV, as with any, but generally customers are satisfied with their TV.

The Olevia 47 1080p hd lcd tv 747i b11 is rather heavy, around 160 pounds, which makes it difficult to move around. However, if moving it around is not what you re going to be doing, then the weight should not be an issue. The only other problem with this TV is the sheet of glass in front of the LCD screen which adds a lot of weight to the set.

With an American made TV, like the Olevia, you know you re getting a quality unit. The HD on this TV is second to none. It s crystal clear picture makes you think you re looking outside at the real world and not a television set. The only real negative with the picture is that anything that is showing in shadows in movies or shows is still hard to see, even in HD.


When looking for an HD LCD television, the most important things to look for are sound and picture quality. This television delivers in both departments! With 25 watts of sound per channel from the speakers and nice sounding speakers, it has a lot of sound enhancements such as wide sound and deep bass. It makes you think that you have surround sound without buying the expensive surround sound equipment!

The Olevia 47 1080p hd lcd tv 747i b11 is made by a new competitor on the television market. It is gaining popularity over brands like Sony and Panasonic because they make quality televisions but for lower prices than the top name brands. This flat panel LCD television measures 6 inches deep, which is slightly deeper than most of the major brands.

Ideally you need to be sitting directly in front of this unit for the picture quality to stand out. The viewing angle when you get past 30 degrees starts to degrade and you will not be satisfied with the picture quality. The television unit doesn t have any swivel option, so you cannot adjust the angle to suit where you re sitting unless you move the entire set or yourself.

Navigability of the on screen menus can be tricky at first, but are a breeze once you get used to them, and hooking up HDMI cables and coaxial cables is a breeze with side panel hookups. All hookups are clearly marked and easy to find.

The Olevia 47 1080p hd lcd tv 747i b11 is a great value for the money, very competitively priced in today s market. Price will vary from store to store, but the average price for this television is about $1500. Research shows this is far less than most 47 inch LCD HD brand name televisions of the same quality.

The Olevia 47 1080p hd lcd tv 747i b11 is a great value HD LCD television, comparable to brand name televisions of the same size, and is chosen by more consumers than many of the name brands due to it s picture and sound quality, and of course, its price.

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